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Host your party at Sara’s, or an intimate gathering in an original Harmonist-era home

Sara’s Harmony Way offers two locations for your event—whether it’s a bridal shower, party, club meeting, birthday party or just a get together of friends.

We rent the coffee shop or wine bar for events which require big, open spaces. For more intimate gatherings, we offer a special choice available nowhere else in New Harmony.

The Lauple House is the only place to host your intimate event and capture the true New Harmony experience. The only remaining Harmonist structure was built in 1822 and still contains many of the original details.

Perfect for New Harmony anniversary parties, baby showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, business lunches, brunches and fun, fabulous and sexy private parties, the Lauple House is an easy walk from the New Harmony Inn and practically anywhere in town.

Private dinners can seat about 20 people, and for parties and mingling, many more. With a large, spacious kitchen, you can prepare your own meals or munchies or use your choice of caterers!

Click here to see more pictures of the Laupel House, the most traditional location for New Harmony event hosting.