From the Renaissance to Sara’s: Majolica Pottery

Majolica pottery is a descendent of Maiolica, a luxury ceramic typically referring to tin-glazed pottery, with rich colors on an opaque background glaze. The term was first used in Italy during the Renaissance, but quickly spread throughout Europe, producing such notable offspring as Delftware in Holland and English Staffordshire, and finally to North America where it flourished in Mexico and the United States, possibly brought over when the Spanish started colonizing.

Shaggy Dog Guarding His Bowl, produced by Arsenal Pottery in New Jersey. Sara’s price is ruffly $150.

1880 Majolica Elephant HumidorOr perhaps this piece would be a bit more appropriate due to the ever-present Republican primaries? For politicians looking to host smoke-filled closed door meetings …

Majolica Elephant Humidor c. 1880, it stands 9″ tall with a hefty 5″ width, and a deal at $375.

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