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Everyone has dreams. Sara’s magic is to keep on dreaming.

Sara’s Harmony Way started as a shop on Main Street in New Harmony, Indiana specializing in antiques and eclectic gifts. That’s when serendipity stepped in.

Two things happened almost simultaneously. First, the Cooper House, the building where barrels were made in early New Harmony for the Harmonists’ commercial beer trade became available. Second, Sara was informed that the original Harmonist beer recipe was still being brewed here in Indiana.

Sara’s dream grew. She snatched up both the building and the beer, moved her antiques a block east and set about creating a space where people could enjoy the things she enjoys: fine wine, craft brewed beer, tasty treats and people having a good time in each other’s company. Rather than bar stools and hard backed chairs, why not use the furniture already for sale. Things were coming together.

It then became obvious that popularity was causing growing pains of its own, and the Cooper House was rapidly becoming too small for its growing clientele. Once again, Sara picked up and moved down the street to the historic pair of buildings which once housed Wilson’s Department Store, a coffee shop and the former Pace Gallery.

Today Sara’s is a one-of-a-kind, a place to relax in style and enjoy yourself in one of the most historic towns in the country. If you fall in love with an antique or find the perfect gift while you’re there, that’s fine too, but there’s no pressure. Pressure is left at the door; Sara’s is as much a living room as a pub or tasting room.

Sara has but one requirement for Sara’s Harmony Way: that it be fun, fabulous and sexy. So far Sara’s Harmony Way strikes gold on all three.


The funkiest wine and craft brewed beer pub around!

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The best cup of coffee in New Harmony and yummy light meals and treats

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